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Wet water dragon awaiting installation!

It's a very wet and chilly June day today, hoping it's going to be less soggy tomorrow as persistent rain is as today for installation day at The Walled Gardens of Croome, in the grounds of National Trust Croome. The seven acre gardens are going to be very wet underfoot and far from ideal for installing around a dozen pieces of sculpture including a couple of multiple piece installations.

The large water dragon, guardian of Croome, is looking forward to getting wet tomorrow even if I'm not! The water dragon has been somewhat of a challenge after finding part of a tree on a welsh beach late last year.

The sculpture is in three sections, head, body and tail as these will be the only visible parts of that are above the surface as the majestic creature rises out of the water (in this case grass) for air and to keep a look out as well. Purposely minimal and rugged, the gnarled roots element of the original tree have been sanded and preserved. Layer upon layer of wood treatment and preserver have been painted onto the wood during the long slow process of this piece coming into being. True to materials the wood has largely dictated the form of the beast as it has been smoothed and transformed from the initial partially bark covered damp hunk of tree trunk and roots.

Let's hope the weather is kind tomorrow for the placing of each of my sculptures and for Saturday 15th June Meet the Artists day at room Walled Gardens.

Water Dragon head looking outside awaiting installation day tomorrow.

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